When you’re too freaked to go outside because somethings making a huge commotion, and you finally muster up the guts to go check it out. but its just your buffalo wrapped in christmas lights . buffalo steeeez.

oo bobo take a look at you, hangin’ on third and daisy. oh bo bo policeman after you smokin crack cocaine makes you crazy. think everythings perfect in the world today, think everythings jus irieee! take off the glass pipe, take off the sunglasses n tell me what you can see. n i see lies, corrupter look this way girlie on the corner but shes not okay.
(lol cant understand brad here)
wooah ohohoh its a perfect world
if he thinks that he, is goina destroy my world. gotta be a crazy, crazy, crazy. crazy fool, crazy fool. my love for you is so strong, we went to together for so long. now im down in this misery. is that the way loves spose to be, supposed to be now?! foolish foolish, foolish fool. if he thinks that he, is going to dispose my world! gotta be a foolish, foolish fool.
Sublime, Bradley Nowell